Providing Cloud based packaged Solution

NuVartana wants to be first in the market to provide Cloud based packaged Solution offering to help organizations with their consent decree compliance process. We want to offer a solution around a cloud based platform which we believe is way of the future.

Some of our products information includes: Single point storage; Incorporates project management to document management; Documents can be tagged to allow for easier searching; Focuses on the organization of documents, not converting; Supported by companies such as Microsoft and Google; Based on open source coding for greater adaptability to systems.

We add specific value Based on open source for customization, Organization not conversion, Central point management for increased integrity, Track access and changes to sensitive documents and Information sharing through secure access portals for greater transparency.

Our capabilities

  • Industry-specific knowledge
  • Experience in implementation
  • Tools for implementation
  • Data and records management
  • Unique and Customizable Features
  • Open source for customization
  • Organization not conversion
  • Central point management for increased integrity
  • Track access and changes to sensitive documents